Wooden Figure Statue St Lawrence 17th Cent. Spanish Ministry Authenticity Seal

Wooden Figure Statue St Lawrence 17th Cent. Spanish Ministry Authenticity Seal


A hand carved wooden statue of the figure of St. Lawrence (Laurence) made in Spain in the late 17th century.

This statue comes with the seal of approval for exportation from the Spanish ministry of culture, which is responsible for acknowledging and giving permission to antiques of certain historical relevance to leave the country. As seen on top of the photo nailed to the back.



The figure depicts St. Lawrence in his traditional appearance, young in appearance with a short beard, tonsured (shaven scalp) and wearing Dalmatic robes, wide sleeve robes worn by deacons of the church during mass and communion. His right hand is raised and appears to be holding on to an object, possibly a missing gridiron, the instrument of his martyrdom which appears in many of his depictions, or possibly a pitchfork. The left hand is missing and would have held either a gold bowl or chalice, St. Lawrence’s attribute and reference to the miracle of the bowl.

The figure is accompanied by a permit for export comprising of a picture of the figure stamped with a Spanish government seal authorizing its export.

St. Lawrence (31 December 225 - 10 August 258) was one of Pope Sixtus II’s seven deacons of Rome, born in Valencia or Huesca and crossed paths with Pope Sixtus in Zaragoza (then - Caesaraugusta), eventually leaving with the future Pope to Rome.

When Sixtus ascended to the Papacy in 257 he appointed Lawrence as deacon and assigned him to serve in the cathedral church despite his young age. Part of his duties included the care of the treasury of the church and distribution of alms to the less fortunate and indigent earning him the title “Archdeacon of Rome”.

St. Lawrence was martyred in 258, as part of Emperor Valerian’s persecution of Christians. After refusing to turn over the riches of the church to the prefect of Rome he was put to the gridiron under which hot coals were placed. After a prolonged suffering and great pain, it is said Lawrence called out “I’m well done on this side, turn me over!” Shortly after he perished.

St Lawrence is the patron saint of cooks, chefs and comedians.



79 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm

Good structural condition, unfortunately, the polychrome has been removed in the past between the time of the picture and now. Attribute of right hand missing, damage to the right hand, left hand missing


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