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Unique Reliquary Large 12 Relics Bones With Original Seals Intact + Document COA

Unique Reliquary Large 12 Relics Bones With Original Seals Intact + Document COA

Important Ossuary in gilt wood dated 1832 with 18 Holy Relics ("Ex Ossibus" 1st Class relics) of unusual large bone fragments from some of the most important ancient Martyrs and other Saints in Christendom with its original seals and Certificate of Authenticity COA intact.


List of Saints present:


St Juliana Martyr

St Catharina

St Virginius Martyr

St Honorina

St Victor Martyr

St Pastor Martyr

St Julius Martyr

St Candida Martyr

St Honestus Martyr

St Columbus Martyr

St Innocentes Martyr

St Benedictus Martyr

St Jucundinus Martyr

St Nominanda Martyr

St Eutropia Martyr

St Romanus

St Anicetus Martyr

St Mauri


+The fact that this ossuary reliquary remains sealed in its original wax seals and silk threads together with its original certificate of authenticity COA is of extreme rarity and relevance, making it, truly, a one of a kind.


+In this type of rare collections with large pieces of bone, accidents or intentional removal of relics would have taken place, but in this case that has not been the case, which gives the whole piece its extraordinary status.


Reliquary description

French Neo Classical style Ossuary from the first half of the XIX Century, which is divided in three levels:


Top level, a cross topping a globe.


Middle level, protected by a glass, a set of 2 relics on the sides of a sculpture of a Madonna with Child.


Bottom level, also protected by a glass on three sides, the precious relics rest in an altar divided in three levels which are covered in silk, precious stones and gold leaf crosses. At the center of which, we can see a cameo with the image of the Virgin Mary in profile and the Latin phrase: "tu es speculum sine macula", which translates to "You are a mirror without a blemish".


Document of authenticity COA

It mentions all the Saints present in the ossuary, and it also mentions the names of the Episcopalian staff who were entrusted with the arrangement and gathering of Holy Relics in the year 1832:


Transcript of the COA in Latin:


"Nomina sanctorum quorum reliquie opera ludovici Francisci D--- Larochi ecclesiae vulga denominatae ecquevilly, et Mariae Angelicae Beuzeville de Sancto Placido in hac theca includuntur:


(Names of Saints)




--theca seripta testimonia deposita fuerunt prima die mensis septembris anno domini nostri jesu christi 1832"


Which roughly translates to:


The names of the saints whose were arranged by ludovici Francisci D--- Larochi from the vulgate church of Ecquevilly, and Mariae Angelicae Beuzeville of Sancto Placido which are included in this case:


(Names of Saints)




--this scrip certify placing them in the case the first day of the month of September in the year of our lord Jesus Christ 1832.



THE OSSUARY IS SEALED in its original episcopal wax seals and silk threads (Some silk threads are cut but the ones that remain keep it sealed, it cannot be opened, see pics) and the COA document of authenticity remains legible.


It's in outstanding condition, no signs of wood worm and no significant damage inside or outside, most likely thanks to be kept in a dry place such as the personal chapel of the French noble family who owned previously.


The relics are still placed at their original place.


Some small areas in the gilt in the wood have cracks and chips, as expected by the age of the item, mostly on the globe underneath the cross.



French private collection of a devoted noble family.




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    Very good overall condition. Original seals and Certificate of Authenticity intact

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