St. Pantaleon, macabre religious painting, oil on canvas, 18th Century

St. Pantaleon, macabre religious painting, oil on canvas, 18th Century

Gruesome Baroque representation of Saint Pantaleon's Martyrdom.


Oil on canvas (linen)

Artist unknown.

18th Century


In original frame




34 cm tall x 25 cm wide

13,4 Inch tall x 10 Inch wide


The painting


In this representation we can see the Saint smiling, as he is following the steps of Christ in Martyrdom, while his hands have been nailed to his head and is bleeding profusely. His name above in roman leters.


Saint Pantaleon legend


One of God's Fourteen Holy Helpers.


St Pantaleon came from Nicomedia, near the Black Sea, in Asia. He was such a famous doctor that the Emperor himself chose him for his own doctor.


Pantaleon was a Christian, but the bad influence from the pagan court caused him to give up his Christian faith entirely.


A holy priest named Hermolaos made him realize what a sin he had committed. Pantaleon listened to him, detested his sin and joined the Church once more.


To make up for what he had done, he greatly desired to suffer and die for Jesus. So, he imitated Our Lord's charity by taking care of poor sick people without any charge for his medical services.


When the Emperor Diocletian began his persecution, he was accused of being a Christian. He was given the choice of denying his Faith or being put to death. No torture could force Pantaleon to deny his Faith.


There has been strong devotion in past ages to this Saint. In the East he is called the "Great Martyr and Wonder-worker." Saint Pantaleon's feast day is July 27th.




Overall condition is excelent, ready to be hang, in its original frame. Beautiful craquelure which attests for the age of the painting (As shown in the pictures)



German private collection


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  • Condition

    Overall condition is excelent, ready to be hang, there is a small restoration done at the top of the canvas in a dark and unimportant area which is hardly noticible. (As shown in the pictures)