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Silver Travel Icon Joy of All Who Suffer + St George Painting Russia 19th Cent

Silver Travel Icon Joy of All Who Suffer + St George Painting Russia 19th Cent

Unexpected Joy, 19th Century.

Egg tempera on wood, Russia

Silver riza, hallmarked

84 Zolotnik, Moscow

This exquisite, interesting and delicate icon shows in detail iconography made following the strict cannons of Russian Sacred art.

Represented here is the unusual representation of the “Unexpected Joy” iconography:

A standard element of this icon type is an “icon within an icon,” the image of Mary holding the Christ Child that is seen hanging at right on a wall within a room.  And before that icon a man is kneeling.

Known as one of the “miracle-working” icons. Here we can see the moral lesson of repentance taught as a story, and it goes:

“A certain “lawless” man had a daily rule to pray to the most holy Mother of God with the words of the Archangel’s greeting” [the words of Gabriel to Mary in the Annunciation].

He was just about to leave his home to perform more dastardly deeds when, as was his custom, he paused to pray before the icon of Mary, and was astonished and horrified to see that the images in the icon were “alive” and moved and spoke to him.  Wounds on the hands and feet of the Child were bleeding, and the thief, seeing that, spoke to the living image of Mary in his icon, saying, “O Mistress, who did this?”

Mary replied to him, “You and other sinners, with your sins, have crucified my son anew.”

The words of this dialogue are seen written in the lines under the image of Mary


Of course, this miracle resulted in the repentance of the thief, and the whole strange event was to him an unexpected joy, thus the title of the icon.

This makes this unique icon rich in history and iconography and it has somewhat “hard to explain” divine aura. A rare collector item.


5 x 4,5 cm.

Extraordinary overall condition. The riza is detached from the icon, Varnish shows signs of tarnish.


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