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Rock Crystal Reliquary XVII Century 6 Relics S Lucy, Charles Borromeo,  Maurice…

Rock Crystal Reliquary XVII Century 6 Relics S Lucy, Charles Borromeo, Maurice…

Unique Spanish reliquary from the first half XVII century, in perfect condition, with a miniature painting of the martyrdom of Saint Lucy. Containing the First Class (Ex Ossibus – Bone) Holy Relics of:


Saint Lucy – S. LVCIDI. M. – Virgin & Martyr (Ex Ossibus / from the bone)         † 304 AD

Saint Partemy – S. PARTEMY. M. – Martyr (Ex Ossibus / from the bone)         † ?

Saint Charles Borromeo – CAMIS. S. CAROL – (Camis / From the clothes)               † 1584 AD

Saint Aurelio of Córdoba – S. AVRELY. M. – Martyr (Ex Ossibus / from the bone)   † 852 AD

Saint Tiburtius – S. TIBVRTY – (Ex Ossibus / from the bone)                     † 3rd century AD

Saint Maurice– S. MAVRI. M. – (Martyr. Ex Ossibus / from the bone)         † 287 AD



Early XVII Century Spanish oval reliquary in ebonized wood with decorations and clip hanger in brass.

It safeguards Holy Relics of some of the ancient Roman Martyrology Saints.

These Holy Relics rest on scarlet silk blanket with their names written on a gold leaf Paperolles on one side.

And on the other, we find a detailed and well finished miniature painting of the martyrdom of Saint Lucy, moments before she is going to have her eyes gouged out by the guards who kept her in prison after the trial.

When her body was prepared for burial in the family mausoleum it was discovered that her eyes had been miraculously restored. This is one of the reasons that Lucy is the patron saint of those with eye illnesses.    

Both sides are protected by hand carved rock crystal fish eyes.


** Paperolle:

Artisanal technique of wrapping narrow strips of paper to create various forms and ornamental patterns. The paperolle is a very old technique used in the Middle Ages, in poor churches, to imitate gold or silver filigree decorations. The achievements were often reliquaries called paperolles. Paperolle is a term derived from paper. It designates not only the technique, but also the realization in paper. The term rolled papers is sometimes used as a synonym.

Condition report:

This exceptional reliquary is in outstanding condition given the delicacy of the material used as frame and its age. There are no missing parts, no damage inside or out. Rock crystal is in mint condition and the relics inside are in their original position with their names clearly visible. 

Franch private collection


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Please note that we only sell the containers of our relics, the Holy Relics are given free in accordance with canon law.

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