Reliquary 33 Relics Holy Thorn DNJC, Apostles, St Francis Xavier + COA Document

Reliquary 33 Relics Holy Thorn DNJC, Apostles, St Francis Xavier + COA Document


Most important and rare Jesuit reliquary in large 13 x 10 cms and heavy brass theca with its original ecclesiastical certificate of authenticity (COA) and matching Wax Seal, containing 33 Holy Relics of some of the most relevant Saints of Christendom, as follows:

(Full origin and rich provenance of this Jesuit’s reliquary bellow names of Saints present)


Holy Crown Thorn of Our Lord Jesus Christ DNJC - (Ex S. Spineo Coronae/Holy Crown Thorn)

Blessed Virgin Mary - (Ex Veste/Clothes)

Saint Joseph – Spouse BVM (Ex habitaculo in Nazareth / from the dwelling-place in Nazareth)

Saint Peter - Apostle (Ex Ossibus/Bone)

Saint Philip - Apostle (Ex Ossibus/Bone)

Saint James the Greater - Apostle (Ex Ossibus/Bone)

Saint James the Less - Apostle (Ex Ossibus/Bone)

Saint Bartholomew - Apostle (Ex Ossibus/Bone)

Saint Thomas - Apostle (Ex Ossibus/Bone)

Saint Jude Thaddaeus- Apostle (Ex Ossibus/Bone)

Saint Joachim – Father of BVM (Ex Ossibus/Bone)

Saint Anna – Mother of BVM (Ex Sepulc/ Sepulcher)

Saint Mark – Evangelist (Ex Ossibus/Bone)

Saint Luke – Evangelist (Ex Ossibus/Bone)

Saint Hippolytus of Rome – Martyr (Ex Ossibus/Bone)

Saint Claudius – Martyr (Ex Ossibus/Bone)

Saint Vincent of Saragossa – Martyr (Ex Ossibus/Bone)

Saint Cyrilla of Rome – Virgin & Martyr (Ex Ossibus/Bone)

Saint Ignatius of Loyola - Priest, Confessor, Founder of the Society of Jesus (Cineris corporis/ Ashes of the body)

Saint Francesco de Girolamo - Priest (Cineris corporis/ Ashes of the body)

Blessed John Berchmans - Jesuit Scholastic (Cineris corporis/ Ashes of the body)

Saint Francis Xavier – Priest, Confessor and Missionary Asia (Ex Ossibus/Bone)

Saints Martyrs of Japan – Martyrs (Ex Ossibus/Bone)

Blessed Peter Claver – Martyr (Ex Ossibus/Bone)

Saint Andrew - Apostle (Ex Cruce/From the cross)

Saint Frances Borgia - Duke of Gandia, Confessor, Priest (Ex Feretris/Bier)

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga - Confessor (Ex Feretris/Bier)

Saint John Francis Regis – Jesuit missionary, priest, saint (Ex Sepulc/ Sepulcher)

Saint Stanislaus Kostka – Jesuit Novice (Ex Linteis/ From the Clothes)

Blessed Andrew Bobola – Martyr of Poland (Ex Linteis/ From the Clothes)

Blessed Alphonsus Rodríguez – Confessor (Ex Linteis/ From the Clothes)

Blessed Peter Canisius – Priest, Religious and Doctor of the Church (Ex Ossibus/Bone)

Blessed John de Britto – Martyr (Ex stipite cui suffis fuit corpus/From the trunk to which the body was suffixed)


Reliquary description

This reliquary presents and interesting and rich history, thanks to what it can be seen in its COA, document of authenticity, explained as follows:

This reliquary was made by His Eminence Walterus Steins (1 July 1810 – 7 September 1881) Dutch Jesuit Cardinal. His name and seal can be seen in the original document of authenticity attached.

He served as Vicar Apostolic of Bombay, India (1860–1867), Vicar Apostolic of West Bengal (1867–1877) and (under the personal title of "Archbishop"), third Catholic Bishop of Auckland (1879–1881). This means that it was made to honor the most important Saints of Christendom together with principal Jesuit missionaries and Saints with emphasis in Asia’s missionaries such as Saint Francis Xavier or the Martyrs of Japan, 

After establishing origin, we can move on to find another Jesuit’s episcopalian seal and a handwritten letter on this document which further explains its history.

The translation of the handwritten text is as follows



“fracto supradescripti reliquiarii vitro novum substituimus, idemque reliquiarium so que supra modo clausimus et sigillo episcopi allensis in cera hispanica rubra impresso. 

in quorum fidem hasce litteras nostro signo manuali et sigillo linsten episcopi signavimus (His Lordship Joseph Van Reeth SJ)

datum alosti, die 29 mensis Juli 1903”



“Having broken the glass of the above-mentioned reliquary, we have substituted a new glass, and with the same relics we just closed the above with the seal of the Bishop of Galle printed in red Spanish wax. 

In whose faith we have signed these letters with our signature and the seal of the bishop (His Lordship Joseph Van Reeth SJ)

Dated, July 29, 1903”

As explained above, in 1903, the glass of the reliquary got broken and hence His Lordship Joseph Van Reeth SJ (1st Bishop of Galle) commissioned his secretary to fix it with a new glass recertifying it by signing it with his signature and Bishop’s Joseph Van Reeth seal, which can be seen in bass relief at the left of the document.

Also, at the back of the brass reliquary, we find his matching coat of arms wax seal, ensuring the authenticity of the relics by reaffirming its undeniable connection with the authentication document.


A bit of history of His Lordship Joseph Van Reeth SJ (1st Bishop of Galle)

Joseph Van Reeth, born 6 August 1843 to Antwerp (Belgium) and died on 11 September 1923 to Galle (Sri Lanka), was a Belgian Jesuit priest, missionary and first bishop of the diocese of Galle in Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

Ceylon was a missionary territory recently entrusted to the Belgian Jesuits by Pope Leo XIII. By a specific request of the Pope a seminary is based in Kandy, in the center of the island (1893), for the training of indigenous clergy (for the whole of India, then British).

March 19, 1895, Van Reeth was ordained bishop in Antwerp. Soon after, accompanied by three priests and a brother Jesuit he sailed for Ceylon and arrived at Galle, a former stronghold of the Dutch colonial empire located in the extreme south of the island of Serendib.


Excellent condition. No damage or missing parts. The silk threads and wax seal are intact and, in their place, holding the contents sealed inside.

Belgium private collection


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