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Rare Protestant Christian Dutch Bible, New & Old Testament, Antwerp 1541.

Rare Protestant Christian Dutch Bible, New & Old Testament, Antwerp 1541.


This rare and important bible, containing both Old and New Testament, was printed in 1541 in Antwerp (now Belgium) by Henrick Peetersen van Middelburch a known printer and publisher working out of Antwerp at the time.
The bible is bound in leather binding missing the back cover. Metal [brass? Iron?] clasps attached to the cover served to keep the book shut and safe from elements.

The text is printed in two wide columns with printed woodcut illustrations of biblical scenes in a variety of sizes interspersed between chapters.

The text translation is based on the Vorsterman edition of 1534-1535, abandoning the Van Liesvelt translation (first Dutch translation of the bible), and the illustrations are based on both the Vorsterman edition and the Lemperuer editions from 1530-1534.

With the publication of Martin Luther’s New Testament in 1522 and complete bible in 1534, the translation and printing of bibles took off with a storm. Within a couple of decades we see translations to dozens of languages all over the Christian world and subsequently the adaptation and retaliation of the Catholic Church.
This book is a prime example of a printed bible contemporary to possibly the greatest religious turmoil the Christian world has known since antiquity.

Antwerp, at the time of the book’s printing, was at the height of its’ power. With the decline of Bruges, Antwerp, the sugar capital of Europe became a center of banking, arts, culture, and trade making it a hotspot for innovation and the spread of novel ideas and thought, a large part of which was the advance of Protestantism and a new approach to religion.



The book is in fair-fine condition considering its age and probable frequent use. It is missing the back cover and the leather binding to the spine.
Several pages, including front page missing.



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