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Rare and Elegant Stingray Galuchat Shagreen Exotic Wallet Clutch, Art Deco 1930s

Rare and Elegant Stingray Galuchat Shagreen Exotic Wallet Clutch, Art Deco 1930s

Exquisite and elegant French wallet clutch in stingray galuchat / shagreen skin. Wallet in Art Deco style 1930s with initials attached to the front in solid silver Art Nouveau Style.



Wide 8 cm / 3.1" x Tall 5.5 cm / 2.1" x Deep 2 cm / 0.8"



Outstanding condition, no cracks, dents and no missingt parts. The interior fabric is all in its original place and it functions as the first day, as well as the opening mechanism and the hinge. Almost mint condition, very rare for this type of delicate artwork.


Shagreen skin history

Shagreen is a cartilaginous fish leather, usually Shark or stingray. Used for a long time in cabinet making. And more recently in leather goods. Halfway between leather and mineral, shagreen is covered with silica pearls. Therefore complex to tan. It has different aspects: grainy and shiny, or sanded: in this case it is smooth and reveals a partitioned surface of small cells which are just as many small rows of sparkling pearls. 


The use of fish skins in sheathing is particularly old. It is in the Far East that we find the first objects sheathed with fish skins: from the 8th century in Japan. (small medicine boxes attached to the belt), breastplates, scabbards and saber handles. 


In Europe, the first proven traces of use date back to the 16th century. Likewise, during a trip to the Netherlands between 1520 and 1521, the German engraver Albrecht Dürer. These fish were fished in the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean and the China Sea; this is why the shagreen is sometimes called the Chinese shark.


The origin of the word "shagreen" dates back, in fact, to the 18th century. It is the name of the first craftsman who, in the West, knew how to work the leather of dogfish and ray. (with two "l" s) was the master craftsman of King Louis XV… Or rather the Marquise de Pompadour. "Who did not go a week without her buying a small object which was frequently shagreen." This craftsman became so popular by dressing the rarest objects with these fish skin (chests, trunks, sword handles, etc.) that the proper name became eponym of the matter. 


Shagreen, long forgotten, came back in fashion in the 1930s art deco period. 




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