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Rare 1970s Psychedelic Jesus Christ Painting - A. Zore - Acrylic on Wood Panel

Rare 1970s Psychedelic Jesus Christ Painting - A. Zore - Acrylic on Wood Panel

This captivating painting of Jesus Christ with a crown of thorns is a unique piece from the 1970s, showcasing a psychedelic interpretation of a timeless religious symbol. Created by artist A. Zore, the work blends elements of surrealism and expressionism, resulting in a visually striking and emotionally intense piece. Painted in acrylic on a canvas and glued to a wooden panel, the use of acrylics adds a textural relief, enhancing its three-dimensional quality.

The painting method is notable for its intricate line work and rich textures, achieved through meticulous brushstrokes and layering of vibrant colors. The bold, contrasting hues and exaggerated features convey a sense of emotional depth and spiritual suffering. The geometric, kaleidoscopic background creates a mesmerizing contrast with the organic lines of Christ's face and hair, enhancing the central figure's agony and divinity.

Symbolically, the crown of thorns represents Christ's suffering and sacrifice, while the closed eyes might suggest a moment of profound contemplation or peace despite the pain. The psychedelic style challenges traditional depictions, inviting viewers to explore deeper meanings of faith, suffering, and redemption.

This painting is not only a striking piece of religious art but also a compelling example of 1970s psychedelic experimentation, making it a valuable addition to any collection focused on modern interpretations of sacred themes.



30x25 cm.

Excellent overall condition. no damage or missing parts. Packed professionally and shipped by private courier, increasing justifiably the shipping price.



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