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Antique large religious oil on canvas painting Ecce homo Jesus Christ XVI Cent.

Antique large religious oil on canvas painting Ecce homo Jesus Christ XVI Cent.

Excellent Renaissance - Mannerism style oval oil on canvas "Ecce Homo" XVI Century.

Oil on canvas in oval wooden back, Ecce Homo, dated XVI century (1500s) in Renaissance - Mannerism style, artist unknown from Spanish or Italian school.


This figure has, above all, a heartfelt but serene disposition which indicates, together with the position of his right hand having the ring and heart fingers united, that is a work from the time between the Renaissance and Mannerism, XVI Century.


The painting embodies the passage of the Passion in which Christ is presented to the People as a mocking king: crown of thorns, reed as a scepter and rope around his neck to pull him on the ascent to Mount Calvary for his crucifixion.


This moment represents, perhaps like no other, the accumulation of insults to Christ as "man of sorrows", after the sweat of blood in the olive grove, the slaps, the spits of the sayones, the lashes in the column and his swollen right cheek, which is the side of Good.


Despite all these torments, no drop of blood is seen on his body, which indicates how far away this painting is from the devotion and indications of the mystical Saint Brígida, D. 1373 (Thousands of blood drops in Jesus Christ body, typical in representations of the Gothic era).


In a half-length figure and three-quarter position, Jesus Christ has his gaze raised to the sky as if asking for mercy and not dejected, as it is usual in this type of representation.


This canvas was probably the object of much devotion, in some temple or hermitage, by a devotional clientele who came to this image in aid of their spiritual and material needs.

  • Size

    Height 30" Width 23" (75 cm x 60 cm)

  • Condition

    Good condition. Beautiful craquelure over surface. Small chips. Wear and tear consistent with its age. Some restoration would be advisable.

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