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“Ecce Homo” Jesus Christ Portrait Painting, Oil on Canvas, 19th Century

“Ecce Homo” Jesus Christ Portrait Painting, Oil on Canvas, 19th Century


An oil on canvas portrait of Jesus Christ by an unknown artist from the early 19th Century. The canvas is mounted on a wood panel.

Jesus is depicted tilting his head to his left, skin pallid and eyes sunken, he wears a red robe open at the chest and the thorn crown on his head.

Though the scene is dark, light is projected from the upper left-hand side of the canvas illuminating only Christ’s face, highlighting him from the still background while implying divinity. 

This type of painting is often titled “Ecce Homo’ – “Behold the man”. The quote is taken from the gospel of John and are the words uttered by Pontius Pilate when presenting Jesus to crowds before his crucifixion.

This scene is often portrayed in art and is one of the cycles of the Passion of Christ coming following “the Flagellation”, “the Crowning with the Thorns”, and “the Mocking”.

This moment represents, perhaps like no other, the accumulation of insults to Christ as "man of sorrows", after the sweat of blood in the olive grove, the slaps, the spits of the sayones, the lashes in the column and his swollen right cheek, which is the side of Good.

This canvas was probably the object of much devotion, in some temple or private chapel, by a devotional crowd who came to this image in aid of their spiritual and material needs.

By the subject matter and the style, it would appear to be of either Flemish, Spanish or Italian origin.

The sticker at the back belongs to a German picture framers’ studio, and we know the adding of the wooden background dates back from the late 1930s to early 1940s because the street mentioned in the label is Adolf Hitler Straße 38, Krefeld. Which it was changed to Roosevelt Straße in the year 1945.


20x23 cm.

Excellent overall condition. no damage or missing parts. 


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