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Diptych Religious Folk Artwork Devotional Engravings of Jesus Virgin Mary and Calvary

Diptych Religious Folk Devotional Engravings of Jesus & Mary and Calvary

Beautiful diptych engravings devotional folk artwork from Casper Harer, Munich 1780s (Ecce Homo, Mother of Sorrows + 14 scenes from the "Calvary")


Diptych with two altarpieces in the late medieval style. Engravings C. 1780 2 central figures, Ecce Homo (Jesus Christ after his flogging and crowning with thorns, dressed as a mocking king) & Mater Dolorosa (Mother of Sorrows) with the 14 "Via cruzis" or "Calvary" vignettes around them. These images remained veiled to the worship of the faithful, who in time of praying, kept them "awake" with the light of the candles and oil lamps. The Holy image, in return, paid its devotees with graces and miracles. The greatest iconography interest is in the seven swords or daggers that Mary has nailed to her heart and represents a mystical watch of the Passion. At the bottom, the following caption from German: "Casper Harer Publishing House of Munich".


    Wear and tear consistent with its age, some humidity marks and the usual yellowing of the paper.

    Frame Height 16" Width 12" (40 cm x 30 cm)

    Engraving Height 10.6" x Width 7" (27 cm x 18cm)

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