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Antique 19th Cent. Tibetan Kapala Bone Skull Prayer Beads Bracelet Mala Rosary

Antique 19th Cent. Tibetan Kapala Bone Skull Prayer Beads Bracelet Mala Rosary


An antique Mala, a Buddhist prayer bead necklace, made of human or yak bone beads shaped as skulls.

It is possible that this piece is made from the remains of people that donate their bodies to the Temple, due to its age and patina. The monies received go to support local projects. They are used as a subtle reminder of the impermanence of life. They should be treated with respect.

The Mala is an ancient Buddhist prayer tool aid, used to assists during meditation and recitation of mantras so the praying can focus on the sound instead of counting.

The Mala consists of 108 beads representing the number of afflictions (Kleshas) ro Dharmas. The 109th bead is the mother bead, Guru or Sumeru and is used as the base for counting.

The edges of the cords are usually used to count iterations when there are no counting beads (smaller beads to count the number of loops).

The tradition of worship through counting and repetition is common in most beliefs, in the Muslim religion believers have the Mesabaha counting the 99 names of Muhammed, and Christianity has the Rosary bead counting the Hail Marys during prayer and containing 59 beads.

Excellent overall condition. no damage or missing parts. Fabric cables going inside the skull beads have been renewed due to poor condition


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