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Antique 18th C. Colonial India /China Bone snuff box carved Christ & Virgin Mary

Antique 18th C. Colonial India /China Bone snuff box carved Christ & Virgin Mary


This is a unique 18th century bone snuff box with richly hand-carved iconographies on every side. This snuff box was made by a skillful artist, either colonial Chinese or Indian with great knowledge of Christian iconography which he mixtures with the local tradition as reflected on both the crafting technique and the types of leaves and plants. Iconography is as follows: 

  • On the top of the box there are two doves on top of a laurel wreath: symbols of the Holy Spirit. 

  • On one side it is carved Christ’s face.

  • On the other side it is presumably, the image of Virgin Mary. 

  • On the bottom of the box, it is carved the crucifixion of Jesus: it simultaneously depicts the cycle of Christ's death and resurrection.

Snuff boxes were used to store smokeless tobacco, called snuff, which was inhaled through the nose. The use of snuff became popular in Europe during the 18th century. 

Snuff boxes were made in a variety of shapes and sizes depicting, smaller snuff boxes were carried by individuals, and large boxes were set on tables or other furniture and remained stationary. 

Good condition with minor flaws and broken parts. 



10 x 4 cms

Good overall condition. Small damages and chipped parts (left corner). 


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