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18th Century Russian Orthodox Brass Crucifix Cross Travel Icon Antique Religious

18th Century Russian Orthodox Brass Crucifix Cross Travel Icon Antique Religious

This exquisite 18th-century Russian Orthodox cross is a masterpiece of faith and craftsmanship. Standing 25 cm tall, this brass crucifix beautifully captures the essence of Orthodox iconography with intricate detail. The crucified Christ is depicted in traditional Byzantine style, His body slightly curved and head bowed in sacrifice, conveying both suffering and divine grace. Above, God the Father is represented in a small medallion, while angels flank the cross, their wings spread in reverence.

Russian inscriptions adorn the surface, adding layers of spiritual significance and inviting contemplation. The cross's distinctive three-bar design is quintessentially Orthodox: the top bar represents Pilate's inscription (INRI), the main bar supports Christ's outstretched arms, and the slanted footrest at the bottom symbolizes the fate of the two thieves crucified alongside Him – one ascending to paradise, the other descending to hades.

At the base, a skull represents Adam's grave, emphasizing Christ's victory over death. The entire piece is adorned with delicate floral and geometric patterns, showcasing the skill of Russian craftsmen. This cross serves as a powerful focus for prayer and meditation, connecting the worshipper to centuries of Orthodox tradition and the profound mystery of Christ's redemptive sacrifice. Its weathered brass surface speaks of countless prayers offered before it, making it not just an artifact, but a living testament to enduring faith.


25 cms tall

The cross is in good condition overall, with a rich patina consistent with its age. Minor wear and small scratches are visible, enhancing its authentic antique character.


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