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18th Cent Jesus Christ at the Column Polychromed Figure, Germany

18th Cent Jesus Christ at the Column Polychromed Figure, Germany


A remarkable wooden figure of the Christ at the Column, hand carved and hand painted, Germany, mid-late 18th century.

Probably originating from the southern regions of Germany, most likely around Nuremberg where the Franciscan and Dominican orders are more common and Italian Catholicism is more influential.

The figure depicts Christ at the whipping column, also known as the scourge of Christ. One of the stations of the Passion, it denotes the Flagellation of Christ, the chapter during the Passion of Christ in which Jesus is shackled to a column, crowned with thorns and flagellated at the court of the Pontius Pilate the governor of Judea.

Christ is shown wearing a loin cloth and shackles to the pillar by two iron shackles and chains. His torso is stained with blood as a result of the whipping and divine light emanates from his head in three golden rays. 

The wooden figure is delicately hand painted, the pillar and base painted in trompe l’oile simulating marble.

The Flagellation, mentioned in three of the four gospels, is a recurring subject in Christian art, most notably in the Franciscan and Dominican order which practice self-flagellation. It is a momentous episode in Jesus’s path to the cross and represents his suffering and sacrifice.  



26 x 8 cms

Excellent overall condition. Flacking of paint in right knee and right side of cloth. 


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