17th Cent. Reliquary Relic & Miniature painting Saint Henry II + 12 more Saints

17th Cent. Reliquary Relic & Miniature painting Saint Henry II + 12 more Saints


Late 17th Century Spanish double glass face reliquary encased in solid silver filigree with 13 Holy Relics on one side and a fine hand-painted watercolor miniature of the Holy Roman Emperor, Henry II “The Saint” on the other.


List of Saints:

Saint Felicity of Rome - Martyr (S. Felicis M. †165 AD)

Saint Robert of Molesme – Abbot (S. Roberti A. †1111 AD)

Saint Didacus of Alcalá - Confesor (S. Didaci C. †1463 AD)

Saint Christina of Bolsena - Martyr (S. Cristina M. †295 AD)

Saint Placidus (S. Plasidi M. †541 AD)

Saint Concordia (S. Concordi M. †3rd Century)

Saint Guadiola - Martyr (S. Guadiolae M.)

Saint Henry II - Holy Roman Emperor (S. Henrici C. †1024 AD)

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux - Abbott (S. Bernardi A. †1153AD)

Saint Teresa of Ávila - Mystic, Doctor of the Church (S. Theresiae V.. †1582 AD)

Saint Gertrude the Great - Virgin, Mystic (S. Gertrudis V. †1302 AD)

Saint Benedict of Nursia - Abbott (S. Benedicti A. †547 AD)

Saint Barbara – Virgin, Martyr (Sanctae Barbara V. & M. †306 AD)


Further description

At the time when this reliquary was manufactured the Hagsburg dynasty was ruling both Spain and the Holy Roman Empire (Germany). This may be the reason why it was chosen to present Henry II “The Saint” (A Habsburg and a Saint) as the subject for the miniature painting.

Extraordinary condition. no damage or missing parts. Rare find

Belgium private collection


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